Want a Lifetime Email Address?

Want a Lifetime Email Address?

ManyMe Aliases Help Protect the Life-Long Integrity of Your Primary Email Address

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life-long email address with a clean inbox? Unfortunately, data breaches, abusive senders and graymail – the impersonal, commercial email that you once wanted but now can’t get rid of—make this a difficult goal to achieve, with unwanted email often overwhelming email inboxes and even rendering accounts unusable. ManyMe addresses this problem by providing unmatched control over what gets into your inbox.

ManyMe protects your inbox by making it easy to use substitute email addresses, called aliases, and then by giving you exceptional control over each alias and the senders permitted to use it. The use of aliases creates new dimensions for controlling access to your inbox, and in fact, the broader your use of aliases, the greater the control that you’ll have over your inbox. As an example, the higher the proportion of senders who are using aliases to reach you, the greater your ability to pinpoint and block abusive senders by disabling an address. Similarly, by using aliases consistently you expand ManyMe’s ability to track an address as it spreads to new senders at new domains. ManyMe proactively alerts you when an alias spreads to new senders, and the powerful “lockdown” option enables you to preemptively block any new sender who tries to use it.

Some people have approached the issue of inbox control by using multiple email accounts for different purposes. However, this approach can be inconvenient, take more time to manage, and have limited usefulness, as multiple accounts often just lead to multiple unusable inboxes. ManyMe’s approach is just the opposite; rather than multiple accounts, each with its own address and purpose, ManyMe gives you unlimited aliases for use in conjunction with your primary account. Email sent to a ManyMe alias is thoroughly filtered for viruses, spam and user delivery preferences, and then forwarded to your primary email account, in any email system, so that you only have one inbox to manage, with unmatched control over the mail that gets there.

In addition to giving you unmatched control over your inbox, ManyMe aliases protect your privacy by eliminating the need to reveal your primary email address, and even your email provider, to anyone outside your personal “circle of trust.” Now you can you can save your personal email address for family, friends and professional contacts, and use aliases for everyone else.

Using ManyMe aliases consistently and freely also provides significant email security advantages. For example, if your login credentials always differ by email address, you limit your exposure to credential re-use attacks, in which hackers attempt to use your credentials for one account to access your other accounts, too. ManyMe aliases can also help you identify phishing email and spear phishing attacks by making it easy to detect impostors. For example, if a malicious sender tries to lure you into taking an action or providing information, but reaches you using an inappropriate address, it’s easy to spot and the message is clearly bogus. Additional security screening and best practices are implemented automatically in the background.

While ManyMe’s advantages are valuable for all email users, they may be especially important for parents with children who are just starting to use email. Parents can help their children select a primary address that’s hopefully appropriate for a life-time, and then create a ManyMe account to help them block objectionable senders and maintain the integrity of their email inbox for years to come.

For greater inbox control, privacy and security, ManyMe provides the only other email account you’ll ever need.