Strengthens Online Privacy and Security. Strengthens Online Privacy and Security.

You’ll Never Again Need to Reveal Your Personal Email Address Online

By simplifying the use of multiple email identities, called aliases, ManyMe responds to widespread public concerns about privacy and security.

Have you ever been reluctant to disclose your primary email address online?
Ever feared what might happen to your address after you disclose it?
Doubted the trustworthiness of “unsubscribe” promises?
Do you often use the same password, even though you know you shouldn’t?

Perhaps you answered “yes” to all of the above. If so, you might be pleased to learn that ManyMe’s free service offers a solution for each of these concerns, giving you greater protection in your online life.

ManyMe aliases have clear privacy advantages, giving you some refuge from the surveillance economy. Now you can be highly active online and never have to reveal your private email address; the sites you visit won’t even know your email provider. You can even use ManyMe aliases off-line, in conversation or when filling out paper forms. The “old school” practice of using multiple email accounts to achieve some degree of anonymity, with all of its inconvenience and long-term futility, is no longer necessary.

Using a different address for each new purpose also has important online security advantages. For example, if you use a different address for every account or registration, your account credentials will always be different from site to site, and your vulnerability to credential re-use attacks is reduced. ManyMe’s visual, in-message Control Strip also makes it easy to detect phishing attacks by exposing the inappropriate use of an alias. For example, if a message appears to be from your bank but arrives on an address that you disclosed to Amazon, the message is clearly fraudulent. ManyMe automatically implements other security best practices, too, using multiple levels of sender authentication, blocking active code, and hosting attachments, among other things.

Finally, ManyMe aliases provide unmatched control over access to your email inbox. The ManyMe Control Strip gives you granular control over each address and the senders who can or can’t use it. This control provides much greater utility than disposable email addresses or temp mail—ManyMe addresses are designed for ongoing relationships, but are easily disposable, if necessary. ManyMe will even tell you when an alias starts to spread to new senders at new domains, and give you the ability to disable it completely—it’s like an instant unsubscribe.


ManyMe works with any email system, and because ManyMe forwards email to your primary account, you only have one inbox to manage. Addresses don’t need to be created beforehand, so you can come up with them on the spur of the moment, whenever needed, and we highly recommend that you use a different address for every purpose—ManyMe will remember them all for you. Please see our website to learn about how to use ManyMe addresses.

For greater privacy, security and control in your online life, save your personal address for family and friends, and use ManyMe addresses for everything else.