Varying Your Email Identity Strengthens Online Privacy and Security.

Varying Your Email Identity Strengthens Online Privacy and Security.

Save Your Primary Email Address for Family and Friends)

Many people understand the privacy and security advantages of using multiple email addresses in the impersonal and commercial realms of their online lives. To realize these benefits, however, most people have resorted to throwaway email accounts and disposable addresses. ManyMe eliminates the shortcomings of these approaches by delivering a far broader and more effective range of benefits, with the simplicity and convenience that consumers demand.

ManyMe’s free service makes it easy for individuals to use substitute email addresses, called aliases, online and even offline in conversation or when filling out a paper form. Addresses don’t have to be created beforehand, you can simply come up with one on the spur of the moment as needed. The best practice is to use a different address for every occasion. Don’t worry, ManyMe will remember all of your addresses for you.

As an illustration, in-person shopping is a very popular use case—when the cashier in a store asks if you’d like your receipt via email, you might give him or her a ManyMe address using the name of the store or the item you bought, for example, or The merchant never knows your primary email address, or even your email provider and for once you’ve escaped the usual tracking. (The format for ManyMe addresses is described on our website.)

When the first message sent to an address arrives at ManyMe, the alias and the address of the sender using it are both stored in your secure dashboard. Messages that pass ManyMe’s careful inspection are then forwarded to your primary email inbox.

Using ManyMe aliases freely and consistently is also inherently more secure than the use of your primary email address. When you use a different ManyMe address for each different purpose, you limit your vulnerability to credential stuffing attacks, in which hackers seek to use your credentials for one site to breach your other accounts, too. With ManyMe, your credentials will always be different from site to site, and you’ll be better protected, even if you always use the same password (which we don’t recommend!).

ManyMe’s visual, in-message interface (called the ManyMe Control Strip) also makes it easy to detect email spoofing and phishing attacks. For example, if a malicious sender impersonates someone you trust, but reaches out to you using an email address that you disclosed to some other party, the mismatch is easy to see and the message is clearly fraudulent.

Incoming email also goes through multiple layers of sender authentication, filtering to block spam and viruses, and processing to implement your delivery instructions, even before reaching the defenses of your primary email account. ManyMe automatically implements other security best practices, too, such as blocking active code and compressed files, and hosting attachments. ManyMe even tells you when an address spreads to new senders at new sites, which may indicate that the original site has been compromised, and gives you the means to avoid the consequences.

And of course, because you have greater control over what gets into your email inbox, it stays cleaner and takes less time to manage.

In the never-ending battle against evil hacker forces, ManyMe puts it thumb on the scale in your favor. Keep calm and carry on safely with ManyMe.